Mark Coil

Vocalist / Guitarist

Mark Coil is singer, songwriter and guitarist who grew up in Tucson, AZ. His love of music started as a 70’s kid listening to Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Neil diamond and the list would go on. The years following, Mark would go on discovering his own musical purpose. Projects include: COIL, NAKED ARIZONA ultimately formed HEADLIGHT BLIND in 2006. Mark’s gift for melody and lyrics has illustrated his spiritual and personal journey.

Doug Easy

Lead Guitarist

Doug Easy has been playing rock music for over 40 years. He started out playing clubs in Minneapolis, but now resides in beautiful Dripping Springs Texas. He has a special love for Fender Strats (heavily modified), and Marshall amplification. He loves heavy guitar driven music, especially from the 70’s. His influences include Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker, Uli Jon Roth, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Alex Lifeson. When not sustaining and feeding back a guitar note, he works a day job as a cyber security sales engineer. Doug really loves the Headlight Blind guys and the music. As he stated “the guys really let me put my mark and style on the tunes, and I really dig that”. Doug hopes to see you all on stage soon!

Michael Maloney


Michael Maloney started drumming at age 4. Destroyed a couple Toys R Us drum sets trying to mimic Keith Moon and Neil Peart before the age of 6. Michael’s Mother forcefully made Michael take piano lessons at that point before she would purchase another drum of any sort. When that request was satisfied Michael got his first Ludwig snare drum and formal lessons on reading and writing drum rhythms snare specifically and drum set later. Gratefully Michael then listened to his brother Kevin’s records of all kinds of rock music of the 60’s, and then 70’s and 80’s and played the drum set along with headphones trying to master all the tricks. Bands played in: Euphoria, Wake, The Stand, The Damnations TX, Dimitris Rail, Demon Driver, Russ Driver Band and Headlight Blind.

Arch Underwood

Bass Guitar

Arch Underwood was really hot stuff when he played his first paying rock ‘n’ roll gig for a high school crowd when 12 years old. Playing through school and into college while working odd jobs, the group came up with the money-making idea of playing country music. Turned out to be a great idea and the band had pretty solid work for the next few years. Arch returned to Texas in 2018, and since then has joined several local rock/Americana bands. Arch says, “I have enjoyed every moment, except for moving equipment.” Arch is a retired financial planner with a history of love for the bass guitar. Bass players that have most influenced his style are Paul McCartney and Leonard Sklar. He remains excited about the music Headlight Blind is producing.

headlight blind band

Headlight Blind is based out of Austin, Texas.

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